Finally, YOUR way to heal from chronic disease is here!

In 21 days you will be on your way to heal from chronic dis-ease. You will finally discover HOW you can heal and live your dreams!

There is nothing wrong with you!

But that you feel like something is wrong.. might be right, because the doctors won’t tell you this:

The reason you are sick is for a good cause

The disease you experience is your guide to your biggest dreams!

You are ment for something more in life!

Let me help you, let me guide you through to understand the messages of your body

Let me tell you a secret.. it is only called a chronic disease because we didn’t find a cure yet and haven’t been able (as a doctor) to cure your disease

The good news is: Where others say “You can’t heal from a chronic disease. You have to learn how to live with it..” I will show you how you CAN cure yourself.
In the 21 day Chronic Healing Support I will guide you and share tools that helped me heal. So you will be truly convinced you can heal too!

Spiegelen met paarden paardencoach

 All the visits to doctors, psygologists and clinics didn’t give you any result and it hurts..


You know and feel that you are ment for something more in life. Somewhere you believe it is possible to heal but you have no idea how!
This gives you alot of stress and you feel frustrated and powerless.
You tried a lot of things, visited a lot of different doctors and clinics, done some meditation, yoga, tried with supplements or a diet but nothing seems to really actually work. Yes you feel sometimes a little better but then it comes back.
You probably think: “This can’t be it right?? Or am I really doomed to be sick for the rest of my life?”

It is time to understand, learn and feel that it is possible for you

I am here to tell you that there is a way for you! Your gut feeling is right! It is possible to heal! And you are definitly ment for more in life. Because this experience will help you to inspire and help others.

So the good news is that I experienced allready all of it and now I am here to guide you through YOUR healing journey. I found the keys and I will give you the most important keys you need in the 21 day Chronic Healing Support.
You are ment for more and you WILL live your dreams!

Discover what you will get in this 21 days of Chronic Healing Support:


What impact the disease has on you and how you can change this. You will discover what real impact being sick has in all areas of your life and you will learn how to accept and let go.


Understanding the messages from “your” disease. You learn what it means to be sick and you will understand the messages that are behind every dis-ease you are feeling.


The not so helpfull thoughts that come with being sick and how to really shift them. You will start to be aware of your thinking patterns and shift them to thoughts that will help you heal.


Being truly convinced that you can heal too and live your dreams. You will feel more and more secure about your future and know! that you will live your dreams with a healthy body and mind.

Spiegelen met paarden paardencoach

Are you ready to heal and live your dreams?

This 21 day Chronic Healing Support might not be for everyone! And I am not saying this to scare you away. When you are willing to really commit and put your analytical brain to the side for a little while you will be blown away about the results you will get! And with the power of a group full of woman who are really ready to shift MAGIC happens!

This is your moment! This is your time! This is your sign to go for it!


Magic? That sounds too good to be true..

Yes it might seem to good to be true but trust me it will blow your mind! Our mind and body is way more powerfull then we think! And I will show you HOW.

I remember the moment where everything changed. The profesionals told me: “This is what it is. You will never heal! You just have to learn how to live with it.” At this moment I could not stay awake for even 1 hour!
At this moment I decided: “This is not happening to me!! I want to live! I want to travel, dance, meet amazing people, move abroad, doing what I love!
From that moment everything shifted. I found the tools that helped me heal and after a few months I could have a “normal” life again. I started to live my dreams! And after a year I fully healed from Chronic disease.
I did learn the hard way though so it took me some time, but I know with the tools I will share with you it can go way faster.

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